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A Measure of Vocabulary, Syntax, and Language Acquisition Skills in Young Children

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Early identification is the first step to helping young children with language delays get on track for reading proficiency—and school success. But how do you find the children who might need extra support? It’s simple with the Quick Interactive Language Screener™ (QUILS™) a web-based tool that helps you evaluate the language skills of children ages 3 through 6 years—and make sure their progress is appropriate for their age group.

What makes QUILS unique?

QUILS stands apart from all other language screeners. That’s because it measures not only language products (what the child already knows) but also language processes (how the child learns new words and grammar structures). QUILS looks at three areas critical to language development and later academic success:

  • Vocabulary: What words do children already know?
  • Syntax: What do children understand about how words go together in sentences? For example, how well do children understand questions that begin with where, when, and how?
  • Process: How good are children at learning new language items?

Because QUILS measures both the what and the how of language learning, it’s easier to see what kind of supports children might need. If a child has less vocabulary and syntax knowledge but quickly learns new language items, she might need increased exposure to rich language. If a child has more vocabulary and syntax knowledge but is slower to learn new language information, other interventions might be needed to improve his process skills.

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